Cron Expression for Import

Hello, Could you please add option to set Cube import period by Cron Expression, similar to JIRA filter subscriptions?

I would like to get data every 15 minutes but just during our business hours. I hoped I could use definition like
#### 0 0/15 7-19 ? * MON,TUE,WED,THU,FRI *
(I hope it is correct)

Is there any workaround how to do that? Some secret switch in advanced settings?

eazyBI regular imports are limited to the selections in import options. You can’t specify more complex import schedules for a particular account.

There are some eazyBI advanced settings you can consider. However, they will be applied to all accounts.

You can specify when any regular import in any account is allowed, though. You can set enabled hours for imports in all accounts during business hours with this expression. There are no limits for weekends, though:

[job_queue. regular_import]
enabled_hours = "7-19"

Please take into account. Frequent imports will create an impact on your Jira. You can consider allowing very frequent imports (every 10 min, every 30 min) for specified smaller accounts only. You can set default minimum import frequency for accounts once a day or so and then enable more frequent imports only for specified accounts.

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Thank you for help.
[job_queue. regular_import] hours are based on server timezone, UTC or something else?

I am afraid that this will not help me with our case. We are running big JIRA instance with users from most timezones. Therefore [job_queue. regular_import] could work for one timezone but it would harm another. It also do not cover specific days.

I am well aware that import have performance impact on JIRA. Therefore I am looking for balance - provide right results in right time with minimum possible drawback. Cron expression per accounts seems to be best option for that. I would like to ask you to consider it for further development.

Another use case is that we could also use different frequency during different times of day. For example faster frequency before closing hours, so everyone can check that everything is fine before leaving.

We have this idea on our backlog. I added a community vote to it based on this request. However, we do not have clear estimates for this improvement yet.

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Hi Daina,

Please add another vote, the need which @hroch raised is also critical for our business.