Cross joint / Exceeded limit Error for a linked-requirement-tests-bug Table

Hello Everyone,

I would like to create a table which shows the link between a requirement, test and defect (bug). To do so, I create a measure (by collecting the custom fields in advanced settings) to link Tests to their Requirements and another one to link to link bugs to tests.
But unfortunatly, i get this error message (see the joined image)

In the concerning project there are only 1057 customers requirements. Other projects have even more requirements.

Ps: i already create this table for a project with 460 requirements.

Can someone help?

Hi @Fred.M,

It is hard to diagnose what is behind the particular solution and what could be improved.

Woudl you mind sharing more details on how “Linked Test” and “Linked Bugs” are populated in eazyBI? And share the report definition as well (Export and import report definitions).

You may send this information to

Zane / eazyBI Support