CSV Import Sorting Nonnumerical Columns

I’m having a devil of a time figuring out this data mapping. Everything I try seems to have a small detail that works against me.

I have a table in Excel that I’m manually maintaining. I export to CSV then upload to eazyBI as a data source file.

The report keeps forcing the table to sort by Product alphabetically even though the data source is pre-sorted. I’m trying to map the data so that I can sort by First Round End Date. I also need Studio as a column, though I don’t need to sort by it.

I’ve tried several different mappings, and but the closest I’ve come is the most basic one.

This works in allowing the columns to show up in the table the way I want (after adding as Rows and hiding empty rows), but I can find no mechanism for sorting by anything other than the numerical columns.

The bar chart is also a jumbled mess of labels that I can’t seem to control.

So what am I failing to grasp here? Do I need to map this data a super specific way?

Hi @pgarrett ,
You need to import the date as a property for your dimension “Product” members, that will import it just as a date, and then you will have it for sorting.

See this video on how to import date and what measures it created (15:40min): 13. Gerda Grantiņa - All Paws on Deck: Discover Data Mapping - eazyBI
Or you can check the documentation about it: Data mapping

Also, check how Time works in eazyBI: Time dimension

Gerda // support@eazybi.com