Cumulative days in Transition Status

Looking for some guidance here.

I am looking at a list of completed Jira issues (Current Status == Closed) and the Original Estimated Hours and Hours Spent on each. Looking to also include the number of workdays each issue was in the ‘In Progress’ transition status. Since quite a few of the ~300 tickets have been moved back to ‘In Progress’ more than one time, this creates an additional row for each time the issue was ‘In Progress’ (e.g. an issue which has been ‘in progress’ 3 separate times results in three rows in the resulting table.

Looking for a solution to derive the sum of Workdays in Transition Status for each ticket (one row).

Thanks in advance.



Perhaps, your report is designed in a specific way that generates the multiplication of rows.
The simplest solution for the sum of workdays in transition status is the following formula:

([Measures].[Workdays in transition status],
 [Transition Status].[In Progress])

It should not multiply the records by the number of transitions to the status.

Janis, eazyBI support

Use the distinct issue measure