Cumulative issue story points for Transition Author


I am trying to measure the story points completed by the ‘Transition Author’

For Last week, how many story points completed by each Transition Author (Transition status: In-Progress to Validation)

I am able to get the story points only by Assignee. I am unable to get the story points by Transition Author.

Please guide how to create this report

Hi @riyyappa,

If you have defined the status “Validation” as a “closed” status in the eazyBI import settings, you can try to get the value for each Transition Author member through the Assignee dimension. Please have a look at the code below:

([Measures].[Story Points closed],
[Assignee].[User].getMemberByKey([Transition Author].CurrentMember.key),
[Transition Author].DefaultMember)

The report could look similar to the one below:

You can find out more about “closed” statuses on the eazyBI documentation page -

Roberts // eazyBI support

Hi @roberts.cacus,

Thanks for your response. I tried the above solution. It shows the report based on the current assignee of the issues.

I am looking for the total story points of the transition author who moved the issue from one state to another state (ex: In-Progress to Validation)

Once the issue is moved to validation, the assignee of the issue will be different.

Please guide how to get the total story points of each transition author with transition state

Hi @riyyappa

In that case, please try the formula below:

    [Measures].[Issue Story Points] > 0
    ([Measures].[Transitions to status],
    [Transition Status].[Validation]) > 0
  ), ([Measures].[Story Points closed],[Transition Author].DefaultMember)

It sums all the closed story points for issues that were transitioned to the status “Validation” by the Transition Author member. If the issue has been transitioned to the status “Validation” several times by different users, the number of story points may show up several times. In that case, further tweaking may be required to get only the time and author of the last transition.

Roberts // eazyBI support