Cumulative sum of Original Estimated hours "closed" in Sprint

Hi folks!

I have a challenging formula to piece together and i’m fairly new to EazyBi and MDX.

Basically my team is using original estimated hours and I would like to track the hours committed to, versus the total of the hours on “closed” issues.

Closed items here actually cover a few statuses so I need to aggregate several such as Done, Closed, Ready for Testing… etc.

In plain speak, here’s what I am trying to do:

Within Sprint “X”
For each day in the sprint
Add up the “original hours Estimate” from any issuetype which are in the following statuses:
status A, status B, status C…

I would also be fine if this was only tallied up at Sprint Close rather than cumulative daily.

Any guidance on where to begin would be greatly appreciated!



There is a sample report in the eazyBI Demo account showing the formulas how the sprint measures can be created on the remaining estimates: Sprint Time Tracking (Remaining Estimate) balance - Issues - Jira Demo - eazyBI.

This report uses custom formulas with a pattern similar to the standard sprint scope measures (Sprint story points committed, etc.)

Janis, eazyBI support