Currently open issues created in a period

Been struggling with this for a bit, and it seems like it should be relatively straightforward.

General problem statement is that, for a given set of rows (projects) and columns (labels), I want to be able to display values of issues that are open now, but created > 30 days ago.

I’ve been able to generate

  1. Currently ope n issues
  2. Issues created > 30 days ago
  3. Issues open at the end of the period, created > 30 days ago

I can’t figure out how to get the intersection of 1 and 2 without it becoming 3…

In case anyone else stumbles onto this from a search - I ended up solving this by adding resolution to the pages section and filtering for unresolved using that, while using a custom measure (and a custom time calculated member) for created > 30 days ago.

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