Custom Dimension for Linked Depends On / Is Depended By Issues

Can someone explain why we need to create a Custom Dimension to access linked issues? For example we’re told the following code is required to access linked issues with a depends on / is depended by relationship:

name = “Dependencies”
outward_link = [“depends on", "is depended by”]
multiple_values = true
dimension = true

Give that Jira supports linking issues as an “out of the box” capability I don’t understand why we need to do this.

Regards - Steve Janvrin.

Hi @sjanvrin,
Thanks for your question!
In Jira, the nature of issue links can vary significantly depending on project customization and the specific use of issue links. This flexibility allows users to analyze issue links in a way that aligns with their specific business requirements.

To allow users this flexibility also in eazyBI, we made the Issue Link dimension a custom dimension. This enables users to analyze inward or outward links, specify the types of issue links they want to focus on, and tailor the analysis to their specific requirements.
Check this Community post by me to see the configuration explained in more detail:

We believe in making complex things possible in eazyBI, even if they may not be initially easy. We have an improvement in our backlog to enhance the setup of issue links from the user interface, ensuring a smoother and more user-friendly experience. We will let you know when there are any improvements regarding this!

Kind regards,
Gerda //

Thank you for the response and clarification.

Regards - Steve Janvrin.