Custom field change history

My client need to knows how many times a subtask estimation data change and why. So, we add a custom field called “Motivo de Replanificacion” (reestimation cause) (Type Select List (single choice)).
I whant to generate a eazybi report that shows the causes for which a issue changed its original planning.
In advanced setting specified:
data_type = “string”
separate_table = true
changes = true
and as a import option i’ve chequed “Import issue change history”

Them I’ve defined a Define calculated member formula

[Motivo de Replanificacion].Members, [Motivo de Replanificacion]
.CurrentMember.Name <> '(none)'AND [Motivo de Replanificacion].
[Measures].[Issues history]>0), [Motivo de Replanificacion]
.CurrentMember.Name, ‘,’))

But it doesn’t work. Any idea?

The problem with the calculation is that in the case when Time dimension is not used in the report, the Issues history is “0” even if an issue had historically such value.

The workaround would be to check if the Issues history measure is not empty. I tried this formula in my account with another dimension “Customer priority”:

    [Customer priority].[Customer priority].Members,
    [Customer priority].CurrentMember.Name <> "(none)" AND

  not IsEmpty([Measures].[Issues history])
  [Customer priority].CurrentHierarchyMember.Name,

Janis eazyBI support