Custom Field Import - Multi-Line Text Field (table format)

How can I import data from a custom field that is a multi-line text field?

For example here is the field value:

|| Approver || Disposition || Updated || | [~accountId:639b3c4f2c2bbfc5f9dd980a] | pending | 2023-08-17 | | [~accountId:639b3c4f61aba8a6a32d368a] | pending | 2023-08-17 | | [~accountId:639b3c4a61aba8a6a32d3680] | pending | 2023-08-17 | | [~accountId:639b3c6777c9c3a008b9a0a5] | pending | 2023-08-17 |

Ideally I would like to have the data spliced out into individual fields for Approver, Disposition, and Updated

Hi @Taylor_Quinn,

​If the field contents have consistent structure and formatting throughout the whole instance, it might be possible to analyze displayed lines and map them to specific dimensions via JavaScript calculations.
​Inconsistent field contents format might lead to JavaScript failure, and that would prevent data import into the data cube.

​Unfortunately, we do not have a working, reliable, and fail-safe JavaScript code that we could share for importing the customfield table contents into multiple dimensions.

​Oskars /