Custom fields are auto rounding

Dear Forum,

I have followed the online help and looked how to import a custom scripted field which is working well. However, although it does show as decimal in EazyBI, it has auto round the field.

For example by issue shows 168.5, but the report is showing 169.00. I have adjusted the precision and scale attributes, but unfortunately this does not correct the issue.

Many Thanks in advance


Hi @james1

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First, you could try changing the format for the imported measure from default to decimal

If that didn’t help, you could try using advanced settings and define a scale and precision for the decimal data_type (by default it should be 2 digits for decimal type)
Then it is likely that your field is imported as integer and then values would be rounded
But first, you could try changing the format for the measure "Issue " in “Measures” dimension to check if the field has a decimal type in the first place.

Martins / eazyBI team

Hi @martins.vanags,

Many Thanks for the feedback.

I have the type set to decimal and if it is used as a measure it is displayed correctly. However, if used as a property it is auto rounded and displayed incorrectly.

Thanks again for the quick feedback.