Custom Formula calculating

Hello, sorry i am new here so my question may be strange…
Is there a way to create a specific calculation (by a formula) in order to sum “original estimated hours” depending to the month of the “released date” field (in a table where i have only 12 lines depending to each month of the year).

If you know any tuto/link about a such creation of specific calculation, let me know!


Hi @clement_dd_64

You can define a new calculated measure in the Measures dimension and use the Descendants function to iterate through all of the issues in the account, Filter the ones that have a release date matching the respective row, and sum all of the “Original estimated hours” disregarding the Time dimension.

The formula would look like this:

      [Issue].CurrentMember.GetDate('Release date'),
    [Measures].[Original estimated hours],

​Let me know if this fits your use case or if you have any additional questions on this!
​Best regards,
​Nauris / eazyBI support

thank you very much for your formula!
it works perfectly!
I just had to modify 'Release date" to “Release Date”
best regards :+1:

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