Custom measure for KPI (days in status more then 3)

Hi All,
Is it possible to set up Custom Measure, to calculate following KPI:
Perhaps I have Issue in status In Progress
And this issue was moved from this status to status On Review 5 times and after that was returned to In Progress status

  • 2 times it take more then 3 days
  • 3 times it take less then 3 days
    So the custom measure could show 2 times I spent more then 3 days to push out my issue (KPI fault)

Thanks for advice

Hi @Andrey.Koreshkov,

I would not recommend defining this specific KPI as a calculated measure. Judging from the provided description, the measure would have to iterate through all issues. Which by itself can cause performance issues depending on the size of the cube. In addition, it would have to go through the Time dimension “Day” level members to retrieve the duration the issues spent in the status.

Taking the above into account, I recommend defining a new JavaScript calculated custom field - I don’t have any examples to share with you regarding this specific use case.

Roberts //