Custom Measure of Multiselect Picklist Missing Issues

Good afternoon, all.
I have a relatively simple JQL that I’m trying to replicate in EazyBI, but I’m running into a problem.
I have a multiselect picklist in Jira and I need all issues with a particular value selected in that picklist; something like Project = ABC AND PickList = “XYZ”
For my JQL results, I receive 405 results for my search. If I try to replicate this with a custom measure with a tuple of [Measures].[Issues created], [PickList].[XYZ], I only receive 52 results.
I think what’s happening is EazyBI is only providing issues that have “XYZ” as the only entry in the PickList custom field. What I need in EazyBI is something more like PickList CONTAINS XYZ, so I get all issues that have XYZ listed in the custom field, regardless of what other selections may also be there, but I’m struggling to figure out how to accomplish this. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi, @aschordine

Yes, the multi-select field values are stored in one string.

To receive all 405 results, you can:

  • override custom fields settings with “multiple_values = true”

To do that, for Cloud or version 6.6.0, please go to the Jira Import options choose your custom field and select “Edit”. Choose data type = String and select multiple values. Please find more information here: Custom field import options

Or in Advanced settings add multiple_values = true (find more information here: Advanced settings for custom fields

Your custom field advanced settings should look like this:

data_type = "string"
dimension = true
multiple_values = true

Where xxxxx is your custom field’s jira id

  • If you don’t want to override the settings, then please create a new aggregated member in the PickList dimension. Please find more information on thate here:

The formula should look something like this:

[PickList].CurrentMember.Name MATCHES ".*XYZ.*"