Custom report for story point burndown

We have the following hierarchy
For A Project we have EPICs that map to Features and EPICs contain 1… many stories

At a specific stage , An initial baseline estimate is updated in the EPICs in Story Points

When the stories are implemented , SP suzing is updated for each story
I want to create a cumulative report which can show me

Cumulative Baseline estimates of all EPICS in Story Point over time AND
Cumulative completed story points by adding up Story points of all the completed stories over time

Any help is appreciated


If you wish to track all the changes in the initial baseline, you can use the Story points history measure and get cumulative over time. However, as those story points are recorded for epics, you need to limit the story points measure by the issue type using a tuple. The following formula would do that:

([Measures].[Story Points history],
[Issue Type].[Epic])

This measure will reflect all the changes for the epic story points over time.

The resolved story points for the stories is the following formula:

([Measures].[Story Points resolved],
[Issue Type].[Story])

You need to apply the cumulative calculation for this custom measure:

Then you can remove the resolved story points measure keeping cumulative in the report:

Janis, eazyBI support