Custom String Field returning wrong results

Hi I have a field in Jira called “Found in Version”
unfortunately (and might be fixed in the future) it is a simple one line free text
I am using it in a page section for filtering
when I am selecting the value “R17.5.10” it returns 3 items with the value “r17.5.10” (an existing value which does have these 3 items) but not the many “R17.5.10” items that also exists.

I know this is too vague but it is as simple as that.
not sure how to define the problem more
maybe some questions will help

is there any case sensitivity definition somewhere ?
although it doesn’t make sense as well.


Hi @Avi_Bachar,

I don’t recommend using free text fields as dimensions. They are prone to typos, trailing or leading white space, etc. That leads to many occurrences of the same item. Suppose the items in “Found in Version” are based on versions defined in your Projects. In that case, I recommend using the “Version picker” type custom field in Jira.

Nevertheless, in your current situation, eazyBI seems to confuse the two different values. The choice of upper and lower case letters for the same values seems to be the problem. Instead of importing the free text field as a dimension, I recommend defining a JavaScript calculated custom field that will “clean up” the information. One approach would be transforming all text values to all capital letters. Please see the liked eazyBI community post discussing a similar problem: There are bugs in data presentation? - #2 by flashx.

Roberts //