Custom subtasks not showing in eazybi

I created multiple subtasks other than the jira default “sub-task” like “defect-subtask”, “bug sub-task”, “test sub-task”, “spike sub-task”. But, in eazybi, I see only 3/5 of the subtasks I created. “defect-subtask”, “sub-task” and “test-subtask”. I am not sure why it’s not pulling the other subtask issuetypes.

Thank you in advance

Hi @Jo_Krish

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eazyBI imports those Dimension members that are associated with your Jira issues. If you’ve just introduced these sub-task types and you haven’t yet assigned them to any issues, eazyBI will not have a way to import these members.

Once all of these sub-task types will be assigned to issues and imported into eazyBI, the respective members will be created in eazyBI and will stay there even if no issues in the future will have a certain sub-task type.

Let me know if this explains the missing sub-task types!
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Nauris / eazyBI support

Thank you for your response. I just checked and I have one “defect sub-task” created 2 days ago but no tickets under other 2 sub-tasks that are not showing up. My import runs everyday at 11 PM. So, it should have at least imported 2 times by now. I should at least the one I created for “defect sub-task” right? It’s in the backlog

This is resolved by creating a new report.