Custom table with Issue Types (Story, Defect, Problems, Tasks) against Different roles

Hi Team,


I am trying to create an EazyBI report against each role assigned in JIRA with the below requirement,
Column 1: Issue Types (Story, Defect, Problems, Tasks) only
Column 2: Sum of story points for the mentioned issue types
Column 3: Sum of Logged efforts/Time spent for the mentioned issue types

Example Table

Roles Issue Types Story Points Logged Efforts(in hrs)
Soft Eng Pat Defect 5 50
Developer John Story 6 80
Assignee David Task 10 100

Kindly help in creating this.


eazyBI app does not support the import of the project roles.

The typical workarounds for that are:

  1. Creating aggregated members in the Logged by dimension: Aggregate
  2. If you use Jira user groups for the roles, you may import the Logged by groups: Data from Jira

You may also consider the import of the roles with additional data import: Additional data import into Jira Issues cube.

Janis, eazyBI support