Customer satisfaction report/extract to include comment and username

I would like to create a report similar to the canned satisfaction report is JSD. The report has the following fields, comment (satisfaction comment, rating, key, agents, received.

I have reviewed the Satisfaction dimension, measures and properties and have not found the comment field.,measuresandproperties

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Hi @aj-admin
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In eazyBI, you can import only Satisfaction rating and the date but not comments.
We have such a feature request on our backlog and I added your vote to it as those are taken into account when considering new features for development.
But I do not have any estimates about this development.

Ilze /

Hi @ilze.leite
I am also interested in this feature so please add my vote.
Is there anything we can subscribe to that will tell us when this feature may become available?

I need the same functionality.