CustomField date filter

Hello Community,

Im have a report where I want do filter the information from some CustomField Dates, where I want to get all the issues whose are under the selected dates.

How can I achieve this?

I want to add the filter dates like “All Status” filter.

Thanks in advance.

Hello again,

Im trying to do it with a Measure, following this calculation:

Filter(Descendants([Issue].CurrentMember, [Issue].[Issue]),
IsEmpty([Measures].[Issue Estimated Date]) OR
(DateCompare(DateWithoutTime([Measures].[Issue Estimated Date])
,DateParse(today)) = 1)

([Measures].[Issues created],


Where I want to calculate all the issues as a “count” who have the value “Issue Estimated Date” and the date are before “TODAY”,

But I cant make it works, any help pelase?

Thanks In advance.

Hi @NicoFigueroa

When you import a date custom field (Estimated Date) as a measure , then there is by default imported predefined measure “Issue with custom date”: read here Jira custom fields
In your case, find and use measure “Issues with Estimated Date”, it will count issues to the selected Time member by their Estimated Date.

You may also watch a presentation where it is explained based on issues due date: Training videos on specific topics (see from approx. 15:00)

Ilze /