Customized measure appears in every column with the same value


We have a script runner field (Pipeline value) that calculates a value based on 2 other fields.
We imported it as a measure in eazybi with :
data_type = “decimal”

In a report, we would like to get the pipeline value based on other dimensions as the issue type.
I get a result and the report as I wanted, except that the value of “Issue Pipeline value” appears in any columns even if it’s different issue types… -> My issue has only one issue type -> Why do I get the value in any column?

Then, I would like to don’t see any issue to get this value but would like to get it at an upper level as the project for example.
The goal is to create a bar or line or pie chart so would like to get the pipeline value for any issue type.

Hi @Guillaume_Lorquet

Try using this setting for the field configuration in advanced settings page:

data_type = "decimal"
measure = true

Then open the import options page and select to import your custom field as “measures
That will create a new measure “Pipeline value created” in “Measures” dimension.

You can use this measure in your report, it would show values only for the necessary issue types, moreover, it will aggregate results on project level automatically.

Martins / eazyBI support

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It works fine now!


i have a Scripted Field(Total Planned Hours) that givea the sum of the other two Custom Field Values i.e (Planned Analysis Hrs + Planned Implementation Hrs).

Total Planned= Planned Analysis Hrs + Planned Implementation Hrs
which is ==> 10 + 11=21

data_type = "decimal"
measure = true

Note:(datatype should be integer or decimal?)``` I am getting Big decimal error sometimes!

I have tried the above scenario but unable to import the field value as measure! it throws error.
But the field can be pulled as Dimension & can be imported but when i go for chart view(bar-chart) i cant find the bar for that Scripted Field instead it is displayed as values in X-axis.

So please give me a solution to rectify this!!
 Thanks in Advance


Could you please share few examples (screenshots) for Jira issues with the scripted field values?
If you have results 21, shouldn’t that be defined with data_type = integer?

Martins / eazyBI