Customizing Issue Types for Report

Hello ezyBI experts,

For some of the reports, we need to customize the issue types which are shown. The details are as:

  1. Requirement 1
    a. For reporting the sprint issues, we need to have a separate row for the Bugs reported by end users. These are identified using label value of ‘Customer Care’ or ‘Risk’.
    b. We have a generic report created which shows all issue types including the sub task issue types.
    c. Under this report, the Bug issue type needs to be split into 2 parts
    i. User Bug (Bugs with label value of ‘Customer Care’ or ‘Risk’)
    ii. Bug (All the remaining bugs)

  2. Requirement 2
    a. For identifying sprint trends, we need to evaluate the issue types for the issues added post sprint start
    b. The pre-defined measure, ‘Sprint issues added’, needs to be split into 2 parts
    i. For issue types Sub-task Bug and Sub Task QA
    ii. All other issue types
    c. Similarly, the measure, ‘Sprint issues added since 3rd day’, needs to be split as well.

Kindly guide me on this.



The most appropriate solution for this use case is to implement a new custom dimension with the Javascript calcualted of a new custom field.
The idea is to duplicate the issue type value in this dimension for all issue types except bugs. In the case of bugs, the Javascript looks for the labels and generates the “Customer bug” value if the label matches Customer Care’ or ‘Risk.’

Requirement 2

You can create an aggregated member in the Issue type dimension and use it with the tuple to show the added issues by the issue type.

Janis, eazyBI support