Cycle for Unresolved issues in a specific until that state

Hi, I am trying to calculate cycle time for unresolved issues which are in a particular state. Calculated members that I could find online are only for Resolved issues - Cycle Time. Also, I want to see the cycle time based on priority. Like whats the average cycle time for Low priority issues, High Priority issues and Medium priority issues. any help is much appreciated.

Here is an example report in our demo account with an example formula calculating the Issue days in current status:

Please note. We are planning improvements for cycle time support. It is available in the cloud already and is included in the upcoming version 6.5.

While we import cycle times for completed cycles only we build an additional set of measures to support other ways to calculate time in a cycle. Here is an example formula for a default Progress cycle for issues in this cycle currently:

    Descendants([Issue].CurrentMember, [Issue].[Issue]),
    -- for issues currently in progress
    not IsEmpty([Measures].[Issue Progress current start date])
  -- filter valid issues only - using progress started measure
  [Measures].[Issues Progress started] > 0
  -- calculate the total days in cycle until now:
  [Measures].[Issue Progress days]
    [Measures].[Issue Progress current start date] , Now()

Please note. Both solutions work well for current period / no Time selection only. They do not show historical change over time. We suggest using analysis for completed cycles if you would like to see changes over time.

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