Cycle time of child by parent value

I have a structure of
Epic > Child (Story etc)

Where epic has a field defined to categories the type of work of all the children.

I’d like to show the cycle time of the children by this categorisation.

The obvious issue is the epic itself doesn’t build up cycle time, the children do.

What is the best way of achieving this please?

Hi @Thomas_Roberts

You could use a tuple of the cycle time measure together with a user-defined Issue Type dimension member to retrieve the cycle times for all issue types except Epic.

To do this, first, define a new calculated member “Non-Epic” in the Issue Type dimension with the following formula:

    [Issue Type].[Issue Type].Members,
    {[Issue Type].[Epic]}

Then, define a new measure in the Measures dimension with the following tuple in the formula:

  [Measures].[Average Cycle days],
  [Issue Type].[Non-Epic]

Use this measure in your report together with the Issue dimension in the Rows section set to Epic level members to see the average cycle days of all non-epic issues.

​Let me know if this fits your use case or if you have any additional questions on this!
​Best regards,
​Nauris / eazyBI support