Cycle time per month


I calculated a time to market (aka cycle time) measure using the formula:

But now I want to see this measure only for my closed epics by month. But when I create the table, for instance, for January 2024 only 1 epic that was closed with cycle time 6,03. Why I do not have this same value 6,03 at the main line (without doing the drill through the issues)? I got a 5,35 instead of 6,03.


For the other months, the value does not make senses either. For instance, April, 19,11 is such a small value compared to the individual cycle times.


Hi @isabela13,

Subtracting two average calculations won’t make sense :wink: . I recommend evaluating each issue separately, subtracting the two applicable values, and then calculating the average for that result over the particular issues.

The Avg() function, evaluating Issue dimension Descendants() could be useful. Please see an example here -Avg.

Roberts //

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Thanks @roberts.cacus . In the end, I am using the cycle time measures provided by EazyBI by default to build my report!

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