Cycle time - time range

Hello everyone
Need clarification on when to use the predefined report for Cycle time - when setting a time interval, for example, of 4 months - does that time period include all tickets that went into production during that time or all tickets that entered progress or both? Please explain this topic to me.

Thank you in advance

Hi @Ivana_Ivanovic,

It depends on the selected measure for the cycle:
For example:

  • “Issues started” shows issues that entered the cycle for the first time in the last 4 months;
  • “Issues ended” shows issues completed in the last 4 months.

Please see the documentation for each cycle measure description and how it is related to the Time dimension: Issue cycles.

If you are unsure how metrics work, I recommend testing them on a single issue.
Choose one issue and select it on the report rows. Add the Time dimension on report rows and expand it to the day level. On columns, select Cycle time measures and check what values and for which time period each metric shows (see picture below).

Zane /