Daily trend report per specific field value

Report - Daily trend report per specific field value.
I would like to have for each date how many tickets/Tests (Xray Ticket) updated with a specific value (“Done”) on the specific date (don’t mind the created ticket date)
we want to know for each date - How many tickets became done (date of change appears in ticket history)

Hi @Oded,

In eazyBI, you can analyze the issue change history of single-select fields using historical measures like “Transitions to/from status”, “Transitions to/from issues count”. A complete list of available measures and how to use them is described in the documentation: Import issue change history.

You didn’t mention the field name in which the value “Done” is updated. If this is issue “Status” field,
Then you may build the report like this

  1. Set the “Issue Type” dimension on report pages to filter only Test issues.
  2. Set the “Transition Status” dimension on report pages and select transition status “Done”
  3. On report columns select measure “Transition to status issue count” to see how many Test issues moved to transition status “Done” for each period.
  4. In the report, add a standard calculation for linear trend on measure " transition to status issues count". Here are more details on how to do this: Add standard calculations based on selected measure.
    The report might look like in the picture below.

If the value “Done” is set for another single select custom field, then you might want to import the change history of that field first. Please see the documentation on how to enable option “Import value changes” for the custom field: Import issue change history - Custom field dimensions
When changes are imported, you can create a new calculated measure (in Measures) that would show how many issues changed custom field value to “Done” in the selected period. The expression might look like this:

( [Measures].[Transitions to issues count], 
[Transition Field].[<custom field name>],
[<custom field name>].[Done] )

Zane / support@eazyBI.com

thank you @zane.baranovska !
Indeed my case is a single select custom field
We’ll try the solution as per your suggestion and let you know

The field is a custom drop-down field with 2 values only - “Candidate” and “Done”.
We want to know how many tickets, with this field were changed to “Done” per date (Trend)
also - I don’t see this field “Automation” has the option to import the value changes (see below)

@Oded, the optoin to import value changes is not available by default.

  1. Go to eazyBI advanced settings and add parameters to enable option “Import value changes” for the custom field “Automation”. Please see the documentation for example how settings should look: Import issue change history - Custom field dimensions

  2. When settings are in place, got to import options, and the option “Import value changes” for the custom field “Automation” should be available for you.

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