Dark mode UI option

Please add an option to view reports and dashboards in dark mode. Many teams use presentation templates with black backgrounds and a dark mode UI option for eazyBI would make for much more visually appealing eazyBI charts/reports in presentations.


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Hi @chrispy35

Thanks for the question!

Dark mode is already available on eazyBI for Jira Cloud app.
eazyBI will match the Theme selected in your Jira profile settings.

For eazyBI for Jira Data Center, Dark theme will be available once Atlassian releases it for Jira Data Center (planned for Q4, 2024): Dark theme.

Until then, we introduced a possibility to share reports and dashboards in dark theme via the public access token sharing option: Use public access token.

You can see how it looks by checking out our Demo account and enabling your browser/system dark mode: Chart Types - Jira Demo - eazyBI

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Thanks for the update Nauris!

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