Dashboard Auto-Refresh

I have a dashboard that displays sprint velocities for various sprint teams. However, the dashboard graphs aren’t displaying the latest closed sprint. When I click on a link for one the graphs to go to the edit screen for that graph, the graph does displays the latest closed sprint. How can I get the graphs in the dashboard to display that latest closed sprint? See screenshots below.


Thank you for using eazyBI and posting this to our community.

eazyBI reports do not refresh automatically, but the report should show the fresh values whenever the eazyBI dashboard is refreshed in the browser. The report is re-run once you navigate to the report through the header link and it shows the recent values in it.

There is an additional option of the automatic refresh when you embed eazyBI report in the Jira dashboard as a Jira gadget or if you embed report with an access token:

Please, contact support should you need any further guidance on this topic.