Dashboard for many Jira projects

I´m responsible for many Jira projects.
I´d like to create an eazybi dasboard (Heath Dash) for all of them.
Is it possible?

Hey, @Salomone

See training videos on how to import data and create charts and dashboards:

In this case, you could create a new dashboard where you publish different reports.
See a public demo account with many useful reports published on different dashboards:

Martins / eazyBI

Hi!, Tks for your attention.
I have some experience with eazybi, but…
At company I´m working, I have access to more than 150 project accounts in eazybi.
My doubt is: how to create a dashboard that “looks for” all these project, since each report is connect to just one project at time?

Unfortunately, you can not create one eazyBI dashboard where you can combine reports from all your accounts.
You can publish reports from all these accounts on a Jira dashboard or Confluence page (if eazyBI for Confluence app is used) but still it would be one report/dashboard from each acount.
The alternative would be creating one more new eazyBI account where you import data from all these projects (that currently are split across different accounts) and create one big report.
Martins / eazyBI

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Yea! I´ve tried 2nd choice, but it spent too much time.
Thank you very much.