Dashboard for Time Spent Each Member in Sprint

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I’m really really new in eazyBI. I want build Dashboard for monitoring Time Spent have been done by each member in Jira every Sprint and every Issue Type.
Because i research i can’t be do that using out of the box Dashboard from Jira, is that possible to make this using eazyBI?
Please help me :blush:


Hi @verdarb

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To get logged hours by users per sprints for all issue types, combine measure Hours spent with Sprint, Logged by and Issue type dimensions. You may want to read how logged hours are counted to sprints: https://docs.eazybi.com/eazybijira/data-import/data-from-jira-and-apps/jira-software-custom-fields#JiraSoftwarecustomfields-OthermeasuresusedwithSprints

Accordingly to how do you want to represent data, add those dimensions in the report rows, columns and Pages as needed. Below is a report example on how to split logged hours by users and issue types in a selected sprint:

Also, you may want to check out eazyBI demo account for more ideas, for instance, Sprint overview dashboard: https://eazybi.com/accounts/1000/dashboards/5956-sprints-overview
From there you may export report definitions and import to your account: https://docs.eazybi.com/eazybijira/analyze-and-visualize/create-reports#Createreports-Exportandimportreportdefinitions

Ilze / support@eazybi.com

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