Dashboard Issue Created, by Criticality and not By Priority


I’m trying to build a dashboard for Bugs by criticality/criticité, which is a custum field (drop-down list : “Blocking/Bloquant” “Major/Majeur” “Minor/Mineure”…)

We do not use the Priority field (“High” “Low” …)

How can I build this dashboard with this custom field “Criticality/Criticité”?

Thank you so much, for help !

Hi @Noni,

You can build reports using custom fields.

  1. First, go to eazyBI import options, tab Custom fields, and select the custom field “Criticality” for data import as a dimension. There are more details on how to do this: Jira Issues Import - eazyBI for Jira
  2. Then import data.
  3. In the report, select the new dimension “Criticality” and move it to report rows. On columns, select measure “Issue created”. Move dimension “Issue Type” on report pages, select value Bug.

Those training videos might help you catch up on the main concepts and how to build reports: Start building report (11:41 min)

Zane / support@eazybi.com