Dashboard page filter with different hierarchies


I created a dashboard with some reports all using the Time dimension. I therefore added the page filter with the “common page” option to the top of the dashboard to change it simultaneously for all reports.


This works well within one hierarchy. When I use different hierarchies within the Time dimension, e.g. standard and weekly, it doesn’t work anymore as I cannot choose the hierarchy in the common page filter. I understand this, but I would need an option to have two filters, one for each hierarchy. How can I achieve this?


Hi @sven

​Switching between different hierarchies is not possible.
​However, in our latest eazyBI version release (7.0) it is possible to create Custom time hierarchies. You can learn more and see examples about that here - Custom time hierarchies

​Best wishes,

Elita from support@eazybi.com

Hi @Elita.Kalane,

thanks for your response. Unfortunately this doesn’t help me, as I do have reports with the weekly and the monthly time dimension shown together on the same dashboard.


Hello @sven

Apologies for such delay and for missing your additional comment.

I would still recommend looking into the custom Time hierarchies (assuming that you have the latest eazyBI version release (7.0)).
I’ll give a simple example below to visualise how it might look.

I have created two similar reports based on the custom Time hierarchy.
I used the code from our documentation page (link here - Custom time hierarchies Name of the code “5-4-4 weekly”)

These are the levels I selected when setting up the custom hierarchy

In the report in the screenshot below, I selected level Week and filtered the report by September and measure “Issues created”.
I created another report with same Measure, but with level Month

I added both reports in the same dashboard and selected the Time dimension as a common page filter.
In the screenshot below, you can see that when I filter the whole dashboard by September, the report that has been built by Weekly level, also responds to the filter.

Hopefully this is what you are looking for. If you need any additional information or support, please let us know!

Best wishes,

Elita from support@eazybi.com