Dashboard question


Is there any way to have a single dashboard that shows a different report depending on the Project that is selected? The dashboard has Project (by category) as a common control.

Hi @Seth44 ,
Yes, you can filter the report by project if the dashboard had “Project (by category)” as a common page filter. Keep in mind that it will filter those reports where the dimension also is added in Pages.
To filter one particular project, expand the category and select the project you are interested in:

Gerda // support@eazyBI.com

@gerda.grantina Thanks for your response. Maybe I didn’t give enough detail. We have a Program dashboard that is used by different Projects. Each program has custom PI start dates in the time dimension.

I would like the custom PI start dates to show only for the selected program. So in the example attached if EQRS was the selected project category, only EQRS PI start dates would show in the dropdown.

I was considering having two different reports with only the applicable date ranges selected and asking if there was a way to have the dashboard show the correct report upon project selected but I don’t think that is possible. Hopefully there is another way to get the desired result. TY

Hi @Seth44 ,
Once there was a very similar question in this community. Maybe you can check this thread to see if that is something you are looking for:


@gerda.grantina Yes, that was from my colleague and we were able to get that solution to work because it essentially used a field in the report to filter the displayed results. We tried that solution for this instance but it does not work on the times available in the time dropdown. So, I’m looking for an alternative solution. Thank you.

Hi @Seth44 ,
It won’t be possible to display reports based on Page dimension selection. For that case I would suggest creating two separate dashboard per each project.