Data Import - Additional Filters - Only import issues that contain a specific criteria in custom field

I am trying to filter issues into my EazyBI by using a custom field to sort.
It is a free form customer field.

Looking to import only:
Custom Field - Consulting Firm
Criteria - contains KEA

I have tried many items with it erroring out.

Consulting Firm ~ “KEA”
Customfield_15634 ~ “KEA”

No luck. Any suggestions and help is appreciated.

@ashrenee8301 I am working on something similar in extracting specific value from sprint name and found this video helpful in what I was looking for and think it may be helpful in what you are trying to do.

Good luck!

Hi @ashrenee8301

You can limit the import options using JQL filter in additional options tab:

Here you could learn how to use JQL search in Jira (the same basic search functions and methods should also work in eazyBI import options)

Martins / eazyBI support