Data Import on Dashboard Report

Hey there Community!

I have a Sprint Burndown chart report attached to my Project dashboard.

I’ve set the report to update every 15 minutes, but it doesnt. When I hover over the little clock icon on the report in the dashboard it says that the last data import happened 18 hours ago.

How can I make it update every 15 mins for real?

Thx in advanced to anyone who can help!


It would require also pulling data from Jira into eazyBI account more often (where you defined this dashboard) not just refreshing your dashboard every 15 minutes.

If you use eazyBI add-on for Jira Server, it would require increasing the import frequency via eazyBI import settings to import data every 10 or 30 minutes.

For eazyBI Jira Cloud add-on the most frequent import would be every hour.

Kind regards,
Martins Vanags / eazyBI team

Hey Martin,

Thx for your input.

For some reason, my Add on for Jira Cloud, only gives me these options on that particular dropdown menu:

  • Default - Every Day
  • No Regular Input
  • Daily at specified time

Could this be related to the fact that we are still using the Trial license? I will be anyways using the add on beyond the trial period, so maybe I can change that somehow already.

Thx in advanced,

Hey @Facundo

For Jira cloud app there is a limited options for import frequency and it has nothing to do with the trial license.

Martins / eazyBI support