Data Import with Custom Field Dimensions

I am trying to use the file import to import an excel file that has additional data for our Issues cube.

I have 2 questions.

  1. In eazybi we have a custom dimension for a custom dropdown field that we have in jira called Resource Group. I am trying to import a file that provides additional measures for those resource group options. The problem is that in the data import mapping screen, this custom field dimension is not available for selection. I am not sure if that is simply a limitation of the system, or if something is not configured correctly to allow for me to have it as an option.

  2. During a data import from the file, when mapping, for the dimension, is it required to pick a dimension that already exists in the cube, or can I type in a new name so that it creates a new custom dimension in the cube based on the data in the file?

Please let me know if I have explained these questions well enough or if you need more information.

Hi @espranzani ,
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  1. You can import additional data to customfield if it is a single select value field. You need to add parameters in eazyBI advanced settings:
data_type = "string"
dimension = true
separate_table = true

See more here: Additional data import into Jira Issues cube

  1. No, you cannot create new dimensions with additional data mapping.

Gerda // support@eazyBI.ocm

Thank you! I found that this worked but what was a little unclear in the documentation was that after the configuration was added to the advanced settings, we had to re-import the Issues data cube, BEFORE then trying the file upload import. Once that re-ran completely, then the custom field was available in the file upload mapping.
Thank you!


Thanks for the feedback; I will check if we can improve the documentation about this :slight_smile: