Data mapping 2 Excel files - Prevent integer in common measure from adding up


I’m seeking some help with eazyBI data mapping by uploading Excel files. Any help would be appreciated.

I have the following hierarchy:

Epic → Test Plan → Test Case

I’m importing data from two separate Excel files. One containing the hierarchy issues. The other containing the same hierarchy issues but also with Environment attribute. Both contain a common measure called Issues Created. I’m creating a multi-level hierarchy called Hierarchy1. I’m purposely keeping 2 separate Excel files as Test Case JN-4 has two values for Environment - DEV & UT. When I generate reports I want these on separate rows with a value of 1 each in Issues Created. Please see mapping below:

But when I use the dimension Hierarchy1 in the reports, the integers from the column Issues Created in both Excel files are added up and displayed.


Is there a way to prevent the integers from the 2 separate Excel files from being added up?



This is how data import works in eazyBI: if there are several rows with the same element (as in your case, one issue with several environments), eazyBI sums them all up, and there are no imported distinct count measures to count unique elements.

You may create a calculated measure to count all issues in the hierarchy having values in the report:

[Measures].[Issues Created]>0