Data mapping - missing dimension error but it definitely NOT

I’ve tried merging an excel data file with same exact same teams names under Projects -> Components but I keep getting this error: image .

The field exists under the Project Dimension -> Components for sure as I literally have a report made with those dimensions. They are spelled correctly. I can’t seem to map the developers names or the buildinfo either even though they are identical to the data.

The error indicates there are some values , either project or component, with no match in eazyBI. You would like to check the mapping if you have values matching the one imported into the Jira account. If you have some values not matching exactly, please add the option Skip missing, and an import will ignore the row and import only matching rows.

Here is my example setup:

I used mapping by Key column with option Skip missing for Project. I used mapping by Name column with Skip missing for the Component level. The order of columns is important as well. Please make sure higher level (Project) is before lower level (Component).

If you are using a mapping by Name column it should be before any column you would like to import as a property for the same level.

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