Dataimport from Jira: "Was waiting on import too long time"

We make data dataimports from Jira every night at a specific time. Sometimes they run, but often dataimports doesn’t run and ends in error state with message: “Was waiting on import too long time”.
Experience has shown that dataimports can also run in parallel.
What are the imports waiting for? It is not possible to find out why in the error log.
Ideas? Thanks for any tips.

We are improving import performance on a regular basis. You might want to upgrade eazyBI to the newest version to keep up to date here. You can check the changelog for improvements in import performance.

eazyBI has some options you can use to enable more advanced scenarios. However, they might impact import performance. eazyBI runs imports incrementally on new or updated issues (based on issue updated date).
Frequent imports in accounts with a large issue count might impact load on Jira and could lead to long total import duration. You can set a limit for import frequency if needed for most accounts.

There are two options you can enable for the fields impacting import performance: check_calculated_value and update_from_issue_key will be executed on any issue. eazyBI pull in custom field value from the Jira index for any issue if the custom field has an option check_calculated_value. eazyBI will apply changes to any issue related to update_from_issue_key to update the values.

The amount of issues in the account selected custom field and Apps might impact import performance as well.

Here is how you can monitor what steps might take the most time:

  • Enable import profiling to log more details on import steps in eazyBI queue logs.
  • Enable usage statistics to get an option analyze import duration and import step duration over time.
    The two monitoring options might log catch and log different events, you would like to use both for more extended import performance analysis.

If you have any problems locating the cause of import performance problems please send eazyBI log files to us. You can send them via email or upload them in our contact form.

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