Date difference between custom fields of two Linked issues of two different issue types

I have Demand and Supply issues types with some custom fields in there. I am trying to calculate the difference between Dates from Demand ticket to Supply ticket.
Could somebody help me with the calculation where I can get the Supply ticket linked to Demand one and then get the Dates to calculate difference?

I am trying something like this:


([Measures].[Issue type] = ‘Supply’ AND
[Measures].[Issue Key] = [Measures].[Issue Links of issue]),
[Measures].[Issue CV received date],



The import of the linked issues requires specific configuration in eazyBI as described in the documentation:

Once you do that, each issue of Supply will contain the property with the Demand issue key.
Then you can use this property to find the date difference. The following formula calculates the difference between the creation dates of the linked issues:

  [Measures].[Issue created date],
    [Measures].[Issue Demand]
  ).GetDate("Created at")

Please, apply for the support should you need more detailed guidance on implementing the issue link import.


Janis, eazyBI support