Date filter - between

Hello dear team,

I want to get date between last 2 weeks and last 4 weeks, something like

                                     PAST         |        FUTURE

-5th week, [-4th week, -3rd week, -2nd week], -1st week, now(), 1st week,

I tired ‘date filter’ with the dimension ‘Time’ like:
'Time between <4 weeks ago first day and 2 weeks ago first day> ’
I got this


For 'Time between <4 weeks ago last day and 2 weeks ago last day> ’
I get from Oct 3rd 2022 to Oct 17th 2022

I want the period in the past, how can I get it and what is the best approach and how can we achieve it with date filter?



The following filter gives two weeks starting from the beginning of week four weeks ago:

4 weeks ago Monday, 2 weeks ago Monday

Today my filter looks the following:

Janis, eazyBI support

Hello Janis,

thanks for the reply.