Date First Resolved minus Date Work Started

We track deployments releases under a specific project in Jira. In our workflow Jira Miscellaneous Workflows adds a timestamp to Date Work Started when the issue is transitioned to a certain in progress status. It also adds a timestamp when transitions to its done status.

I’d like to sum the total amount of time a team spends based on these automatically generated timestamps.

Is there MDX to do this calculation? I can figure out the project and team filter but I can’t seem to figure out the sum of time for all “Date first resolved minus Date work started” for a time level


Maybe this post can help: Finding Average time spent on tickets, grouped by priority

Gvido Neilands,,
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First, you should ensure that you selected two custom fields “Date work Started” and “Date first resolved” via eazyBI Import settings to import them as properties in eazyBI cube.

Then you could use one of Date comparison functions to calculate the time between them, please find similar case described in the link that @gvidoN provided.

Martins / eazyBI support