DateTimeRange error when importing from jira

when importing from Jira i got warning message like
Issue SUP-31292 SLA “Delivery Unit OLA” retrieval failed: com.atlassian.servicedesk.internal.sla.metric.DateTimeRange - the START time of the DateTimeRange (2023-11-08T07:32:24.945Z) must be less than or equal to the STOP time (2023-11-08T07:32:00.302Z)
so i have to exclude this issues from import ,
how can i solve this problem on those issues to include them in import

Hi @ms.qattom,

The error is raised inside the Atlassian Service Desk SLA metrics calculator, which eazyBI doesn’t control. It means that for the issue SUP-31292, some SLAs had START time that was greater than the STOP time.

Excluding this issue from the data import is a commemorable immediate workaround. As a long-term solution, please look into why the issue has these illegal SLA times and how to fix it in Jira.

Roberts //

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