Day 2 workshops

This is the schedule of planned workshops. There will be about 30 minutes presentation and then everyone can try to create some examples in their own eazyBI environment.

In parallel, also individual sessions will take place – find someone from the eazyBI team and ask for help.

9:00 Introduction to MDX

Start creating calculated measures for most typical use cases. Similar content to eazyBI Advanced Training video recording.

10:30 Mapping other data sources to JIRA and use in reports

When import data in JIRA and when create additional data cube?
How differ properties and measures?
Typical errors when mapping data to JIRA.

13:00 Do’s and Don’ts when creating a report in eazyBI

How to filter by time?
History vs actual data.
Measures vs Properties.
How to choose appropriate chart type?

14:00 How to optimize slow reports?

Main reasons why reports could be slow.
How to read the report definition?
How to optimize MDX (tips and tricks)?
How to enable mondrian logs?
Solutions: precalculations, divide report into several reports, fewer data imported.

15:00 Complex calculations: guideline, trends, averages

How to reuse example measures smartly?
How to debug sets, date expressions etc used in the calculation?
Create calculations for average, trendline, guideline, find prediction date.

16:00 Lightning talks

Do you have something you would like to share? Please use this opportunity!


Here is the link to the account where I created MDX calculation examples. You can open Measures / Calculated members and see formulas. Also, check advanced training video and slides from the documentation site where similar examples were demonstrated.