Days in transition status considering working hours

Hello, I want to be able to average the time a ticket spent in a state according to my work days (work days in transition status) but giving a time interval according to my work day.

Ex: Let’s think that the PR-123 ticket was in the In Progress state for a total of 20 days (Monday to Friday) if my work schedule is from 8am to 6pm, what I want to know is how long the ticket was effective given that schedule, That is to say, “let’s think” that it was 11 days so I can know that it was 20 days in the in progress state but it was really 11 days that the team worked on.

Any ideas on how I can do this, either via Java or through the eayzbi console.

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Hello @Marcelo_Ignacio_Cid1

Thanks for posting your question! Seems that you also reached out to us directly and my colleague is handling your use case.

In case other easyBI users have a similar use case, a potential solution is described in the community post here - Assignment hrs work days eazybi - #2 by zane.baranovska

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