Days in transition when Done Column includes multiple resolutions

Im new in the forum but I made some search googleing and this forum before, and here Im.

My scenario.

  1. We use kanban board in Jira.
  2. Done column is set to support for 3 resolutions (done, returned and cancelled, in my project).
  3. If want to show just resolution:done issues, table show just 2 issues when jira filter shows 15.


I want to show stakeholders time (issues marked as done:resolution) spent in every column of my workflow but this is not working as I want.
Your advice please.

Regards from Perú.

Eduardo M.

Hi @cachorroyayo

Welcome to eazyBI support!

Measure “Days in transition status” calculates the value at the moment when the issue is transited FROM the status. Most probably, if issues are in Done status and Done is the final status, you would never move those issues out of this status, except when reopening them. Those two issues most probably were reopened, therefore, they have some days in transition status Done calculated, while other issues do not (and therefore they do not appear in the report).

Instead, you would want to calculate days in the status Done until now (not until the transition from Done status). For that, create a calculated measure “Days in transition status till now” from the deme report (copy the formula from the measure): Issue days in selected status - Issues - Jira Demo - eazyBI.