Deal with multiple cubes for a Template-recipient accounts relationship with SQL source application

I create a Template Account based on a SQL source application (not a Jira source application) mapped in a custom cube (different to the default Issues Cube).

From my tests, i notice that the setting up of the template-recipient relationship (go to Import options screen > Additional options, and select one of the available template accounts) is only available when i select Jira source application.

Is it possible to create a recipient account to import all reports from my template Account (SQL source application mapped in a custom cube (different to the default Issues Cube))?

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Hi @Fred.M ,

Unfortunately, the report, dashboard, and calculated member import from template accounts is currently available for Jira and Confluence source applications. I created a feature request on your behalf in the eazyBI backlog. We will gather user interest for this feature request. Therefore, I don’t have any estimates to share.

Roberts //