Deck multiple reports in one drop down list in a report


I have a dashboard with defect issues captured on weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly basis as 4 different reports in a single dashboard. Is it possible to deck all these in one single dropdown timewise into one report in the dashboard?


It is not possible to combine the time dimension from different hierarchies in a single drop down list of the page filters in eazyBI. That means, you cannot combine in a report weekly and monthly selections at once. Users need to change the selection manually.

Also, unfortunately, it is not possible to add one report several times in one eazyBI dashboard with different page filter selections. We have such option in our backlog, but no specific plans yet on when this feature might be implemented.

You can add, however, the same report several times to a single Jira dashboard as the Jira gadget. Perhaps, it may help with your case at least partly.

Janis, eazyBI support

HI Janis,
I would love to see this feature in EazyBI.
I know I can add a Jira gadget multiple times, but the EazyBI dashboard gives me better formatting options. In an EazyBI dashboard, I can have format “frames” so that some of my reports appear side-by-side in two columns while others are a single frame that spans the dashboard. This can not be done in Jira.