Defect Density Chart for Projects

I have been using EzyBI For some time now,

i have task to created Defect density chart for projects,

Could you guide where i can find the right metrics to get the (Defect Density output)?

Hi @shiva,
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One of the ways how to calculate Defect density is to look on how many bugs have been created versus all Issues resolved.
To create this report you need to create a calculated measure Bugs created.

([Measures].[Issues created], [Issue Type].[Bug])

Then byusing this measure you can calculate Defect density:

[Measures].[Issues resolved] > 0
[Measures].[Bugs created] / [Measures].[Issues resolved]

The end report could look like this:

Gerda //

Thanks , that worked after few tweeks.

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Hi Shiva
Can you please share the tweeks you made?